About Sean Willis

Sean Willis grew up with a unique ability to grasp the fundamentals of how things were built. At an early age, while still a teenager, he was fortunate to combine that instinctive talent with the very down to earth fundamental demands of working in his uncles welding shop in Kerman, California.

It was in that shop he learned what the real world was about when it came to getting a job done.. and done right. The shop was located in the heart of the rural ag producing area of Central California and had the responsibility of keeping the farm equipment in the area functional.

Local farmers relied on his uncle’s shop to fix things that sometimes on the surface seemed unfixable. But through innovation, common sense and determination
the equipment they were asked to fix went back out into the fields, refurbished, to help produce the crops that feed much of America and the rest of the world today.

That was Sean’s first introduction to the rigorous demands of finding a solution, meeting a deadline, and delivering a high quality product at a very fair price.

From there Sean went on to develop a complete arsenal of diversified construction skills and talents that qualify him as one the top craftsmen in the area.

about sean

Sean Willis

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Whatever your construction or remodeling needs, Sean can deliver a finished product that will have you verifying what other satisfied clients already know. Sean has an extreme dedication to a very high level of quality and workmanship that he brings to every job he does. Give him a call today at 559-365-1303.