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Can You Live in a House After a Fire?

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Can You Live in a House After a Fire?

Experiencing a fire in your home is hands down one of the most surprising, devastating events that could occur. There are so many emotions that run through your mind, and so many difficult questions to answer. One of the most pressing questions is “can you live in the house after you have experienced a fire?” With the smoke damage and fire damage, you need a professional fire restoration and cleanup team, like the team at Fresno Craftsman to not only help you clean up, but to return your home to pre-fire conditions. With all of the problems caused by fire damage and the insidious smoke damage that you may not even understand, sleeping at home right after a fire is not a good idea. Leave the fire damage restoration and smoke damage to the professionals at Fresno Craftsman in Fresno, CA who will get you back on your feet and sleep in your own bed as soon as possible after a fire. 

Smoke damage in Fresno, CA

One of the primary reasons that you cannot stay in your house after a fire is the smoke damage that is bound to occur after a fire, which you might not think of when doing fire damage cleanup. When materials burn, they let off terrible odors and release chemicals into the air, and depending on what is burning, the smoke damage could contain carcinogens and other harmful materials. Fire restoration and cleanup is imperative before you move home because you would not want to breathe in the following: 

  • Sulfur
  • Hydrogen chloride
  • Carbon
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Glyphosates
smoke damage in Fresno, CA

Physical risks in Fresno, CA

Fire damage restoration and smoke damage restoration are both essential before you move home because there are many physical risks associated with smoke damage and fire damage. Your eyes and skin can become irritated by the smoke. Fire restoration and cleanup by a trained professional company is so imperative because smoke can hide in carpets, clothes, and furniture. Then anytime you wear your clothes or sit on your furniture you could experience respiratory problems and skin irritation once again. Without fire damage cleanup from an accredited company, you can risk health problems down the line, as well as definite discomfort in the moment. Fire restoration must include smoke damage restoration so that you can breathe clean air upon your return home. 

Need for fire restoration in Fresno, CA

Fire  and smoke damage restoration require trained professionals who can access the situation, and get you back to living in your house as soon as possible. Fire damage cleanup requires special tools, both personal protective equipment and air cleaners and dehumidifiers that the average homeowner does not have. A professional smoke damage restoration team will also be able to test the air quality and advise you on when your dwelling is safe to live in. There are no shortcuts after a fire; you need to go through this whole process with a trusted fire damage cleanup professional. Fresno Craftsman has the experience, licenses, and teams to help you with any type of fire or smoke damage.

With as difficult as it is to deal with a fire, and the loss of your property and personal belongings, knowing exactly how to deal with the fire damage and smoke damage safely is a job for a professional fire damage cleanup team. Especially in the case of smoke damage restoration, dangerous chemicals cannot be seen with the naked eye and you could put your health at risk if you do not mitigate the smoke damage and fire damage correctly. Fire damage restoration also involves equipment you don’t have on hand, but is imperative if your home is to be returned to its pre-fire condition. In order to get back to your house as soon as possible, leave fire restoration to a qualified professional company so that you can breathe easier. 

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