Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration in Fresno, CA

smoke damage in Fresno, CA

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

If you are faced with a fire, your property will need professional fire damage restoration service to recover from the damage. Trust in Fresno Craftsman to restore your property to pre disaster condition and better.

Fire and smoke damage restoration service is available in Fresno, Clovis, Bass Lake, Shaver Lake, and the surrounding areas in California.

There is nothing more nerve-wracking for a home or business owner than the sound of a fire truck siren racing to their own property. And if you have experienced the catastrophe of a fire, you will need to find your local fire and smoke restoration cleanup team as soon as possible to mitigate the damage and make your home or office inhabitable as soon as possible. Fresno Craftsman is a quality emergency fire and smoke damage cleanup company that will put your mind at ease as they take care of the minute details involved in the emergency fire damage restoration process and restoring your home or office property to pristine condition following a fire. Fire restoration services involve timing and precision, as well as the knowledge to understand if a structure is safe or not.

Assessing the Air Quality

One of the first steps to take in assessing the fire and smoke damage to your home or business property is the effect of smoke damage on the situation. After fires, smoke and soot residue can permeate into any material and is not an easy task to handle without the proper smoke damage experience. Smoke odors will likely require odor removal services to restore the indoor environment. The golden hours of recovery, in other words, the first 24 hour to 48 hour window will show you what smoke has done to your property. A fire damage restoration team like Fresno Craftsman will first clean the air to return your home or office property to a livable condition. They will use a combination of the following in the fire damage restoration process, depending on the situation:

  •     Setting up air scrubbers with intake and outtake
  •     Using hydroxyl units to deodorize smoke odor
  •     Removing soot with a chem-sponge
  •     Cleaning the ducts and vents
  •     Deodorizing one final time

Securing the Structure

There are several ways that the fire damage restoration team at Fresno Craftsman will secure the structure of your home or office after a fire. After the air has been taken care of, the next order of business is to return the structural integrity of the building to its original condition. A professional fire restoration company like Fresno Craftsman will analyze the damage to see if any walls or ceilings need to be replaced and rebuilt, and they will also remove any dangerous debris. One element of fire damage that you might not think about is the issue of water restoration services. If sprinklers have gone off in your building or if firemen have used their hoses to douse the fire, then the fire restoration company will also need to dry your home or office and protect it from mold.

Mitigating the Damage

Once all elements of the building are secure, and the structure is clean and free from water, soot, and smoke damage, the professionals at Fresno Craftsman will fine tune all restoration services. This part of fire and smoke damage restoration in Fresno CA involves property restoration services, and your trained professional team will assess which of your affected possessions can be salvaged and which cannot. There are special ultrasonic cleaning treatments that can be used to clean delicate materials and surfaces with soot residue and smoke odor. After the structure and possessions are all cleaned, the fire damage professionals at Fresno Craftsman will do one final check to ensure that there is no mold and that the air quality has returned to normal.

If you've suffered damage from a fire in your home or business call Fresno Craftsman today!



Fire damage is nothing to mess around with, and you need a qualified emergency fire restoration company to deal with the ramifications of fire smoke damage to restore your home or business. With careful workmanship and cutting edge technology and equipment, Fresno Craftsman will take you carefully through the emergency fire restoration process. The effects of fires can affect more than just your property and Fresno Craftsman understands what a difficult time this can be for your family or employees. From assessing and mitigating the air in your building to securing the structure, you will be in good hands with these trained fire smoke damage professionals and begin the road back to normal. Fire damage and smoke damage are no match for the experience and expertise of the fire restoration company of Fresno Craftsman. Our professionals offer complete fire damage restoration services to restore your property back to pre disaster condition.

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