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Hardwood Floor Drying Fresno CA

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Hardwood Floor Drying Fresno CA

Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to any home and can really increase the home’s value.  If you experience water damage to your hardwood floors don’t panic just yet. In lots of cased hardwood floors can be dried and then refinished so you don’t lose the valuable investment you made in your home. 


Just because your floor begin to warp or cup from water damage doesn’t always mean they are ruin beyond repair.  When we use proper drying techniques and when our state of art equipment is used in the mitigation process lots of times we can save your beautiful Brazilian or Solid Oak hardwood floors. To ensure your water damaged floors don’t go beyond repair make sure you call Fresno Craftsman for all your water mitigation and damage needs.


Lots of the time when hardwood floors are damaged by water if will require sanding and restained the floors once they have had enough time to dry.  So the good news is if you were growing old of your current floor’s color you would now have the opportunity to change! Our desire is to see your floors return to the condition, if not better, before you experience the water damage.  Even if your floors were previously damaged call us today to have one of our experts come out and perform a detailed and thorough inspection.

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