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Sewage Cleanup Fresno CA

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Sewage Cleanup Fresno CA

Potentially one of the most unpleasant loses homeowners can experience is when sewage backs up into a home, basement, crawlspace or under your floors.  It’s a dirty job but our technicians won’t hesitate to work hard on your loss to ensure your property is properly cleaned, disinfected and dried.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most affected in sewage losses.  When a toilet backs up or begins to overflow the water and sewage is relentless in its pursuit to damage everything that it can.  It doesn’t care what is in its path it will destroy if not properly dealt with.

Crawlspaces or confined spaces

Lots of times you make have sewage backing up in your property and you don’t even know because the sewage is contained to a small space or because its trapped in your crawl space.  When this happens a through inspection is a must because there can be secondary damage to the structure because the moisture has been present for so long. The Fresno Craftsman has all the necessary tools and equipment to properly access and devise a plan to mitigate your loss.  Call us today!

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