Storm Damage

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Storm damage can happen at any moment.  That is why Fresno Craftsman in the only call you need to make if you live in the Fresno California area.  Everything seems to spin out of control the minutes, hours and days after a major storm. Don’t stress out! This is where we come in! Our trained specialist will show up to your property prompt and ready to serve which alway reduces your stress level.

Trees falling onto roofs, strong wind storms and or flooding can lead to damage at your home.  Allow the Fresno Craftsman to show up and begin cleaning up the storm damage your home has sustained.  There are many different type of damage your home can sustain during and after a storm. It’s important as a homeowner that you educate yourself on ways your home can become damaged so you can be on the lookout after a major storm.  In any event you don’t feel comfortable or you feel you need some help we would be more than happy to come out and inspect your property.

Exterior Damage

Ther exterior of your home will sustain the most damage when there is a wind or hail storm.  Sometimes rain can be driven into your home’s walls through cracks or ventilation. In these situation one who not know their property is damaged unless you have a profession come out and perform a through inspection.

Roof Damage

Hail and wind both can cause damage to your roof allowing water to enter into your home and cause significant damage if left untreated.  Your roof is the first line of defence for you home and it helps protect your most valuable asset and if you have sustained damaged call Fresno Craftsman and allow us to inspect your home and work if your insurance company to bring your home back to pre loss condition.

Attic Damage

Once your home has sustained storm damage its possible for your attic to trap moisture which can lead to mold and mildew growth.  If you attic has sustained water damaged the moisture from the loss can lead to secondary damage that insurances can deem as not covered since it was damaged through neglect.  That is why it is so important to call Fresno’s best water damage inspection company.

Window Damage

Your windows take the brunt of storm damage as they are exposed to the elements.  During a storm your windows can crack, the seals can separate and they frames can become damaged.  Without a proper inspection you could be missing out on coverage your insurance company is required to cover if the windows were damaged during the storm.  Fresno Craftsman has been the source of education, craftsmanship and integrity when it comes to dealing with your home after a wind, hail or lightning storm.