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The Dangers of Leaving Water Damage Untreated

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The Dangers of Leaving Water Damage Untreated

Water damage is one of the most destructive things a homeowner can have the misfortune of dealing with. If this type of damage reveals itself, it is necessary to take action right away, otherwise what may have been a simple fix can become all consuming- taking up a lot of time and money while taxing your mental health and physical health all at once. We may try our best to resolve it on our own, and cleaning up is a crucial step to getting started, but it is highly advised to hire a professional who can have the expertise to deal with the repercussions that may not be so obvious to the rest of us. Here are some obstacles you may encounter if you do not address water damage promptly.

Health Issues

Many of us are concerned with our health and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Long exposure to water damage can have effects on our bodies that we may not anticipate and may throw a wrench in our self care as well as cause illness. Mold is one of the worst effects of water damage for both our property and our health and can grow within 48 hours of water damage. Not only is mold known to be toxic but it causes health issues such as respiratory symptoms, headaches, confusion, and more. It can also worsen allergies or asthma.  Water from flood damage contains bacteria and microbes that can linger long after your furniture and belongings have dried. These germs, bacteria, and microbes can cause anything from illness to infection. It is best to address the damage right away, not only to avoid costly repairs but potential visits to the doctor as well.

Structural damage

Replacing flooring and dealing with damaged walls can be an extremely large and daunting task. Water wreaks havoc with the drywall on your walls and ceilings. Exposure to water causes your drywall and flooring to swell like a sponge when its filled with water. Not only does this cause unsightly warps but can also cause foul odors, not to mention the structural damage that occurs as a result. At this point restoration becomes mandatory, and may even require you to rip out the drywall and start all over.

Structural damage

Water Damage You Can’t See

Just because you can’t see any water damage, doesn’t mean it’s not still lingering in the house. An experienced water damage restoration company knows all of the places that water damage hides and can treat the water damage swiftly and effectively. Some of the places water damage may be present include include:

  • Pipes- leaks within your pipes can cause corrosion 
  • Water within the walls and structure- not only will this damage the materials but can potentially be a threat to your electrical wiring
  • Subfloor and flooring
  • In your foundation – this can damage the concrete and cause major and devastating problems

Water damage can seem like it comes out of nowhere but the issue is even if a small amount is left untreated it will continue to cause damage until it becomes visible- at which time it tends to be a much larger issue. Keeping your eye on small leaks or tiny spots of mold will help you to prevent larger problems before they occur.

As experts in water damage restoration and fire damage restoration, Fresno Craftsman offers everything you need to restore your property so that you can get back to normal. For more info or to schedule a consultation contact us today at 559-365-1303.

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