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Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration

One of the most stressful events one can encounter is water damage Fresno. Let Fresno Craftsman provide professional emergency water damage restoration services including water extraction, water cleanup, and water mitigation Fresno to restore the property and structural damage caused by water damage in your home or business.

Restore your property with emergency professional water damage restoration Fresno CA, water cleanup, water extraction, and water mitigation in Fresno, Clovis, Bass Lake, Shaver Lake, and the surrounding areas in California.

If you own your own home or business, there are many unforeseen circumstances that can cause you anxiety and worry. Water damage or flood damage is at the top of the list. Whether the damage is because of a burst pipe, pipe leak, broken washing machine, flooded basement, storm, or natural disasters, the bottom line is that you will need water damage restoration immediately, especially if standing water or flood water is involved. If you need water damage repair or water cleanup, you must act immediately to mitigate the water damage or flood damage and speed the water removal process. Call a local professional water damage restoration company like Fresno Craftsman who has the tools and tricks you need to restore your home or office to its pre-flood state.

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Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

The water damage restoration Fresno CA process is best left to experienced water damage professionals. Not only do they possess the proper equipment and manpower, but also the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of the water damage restoration process including water restoration, water cleanup, and water extraction. Depending on the amount of water and type of water involved, dealing with water damage Fresno may seem like a task that can be handled by the average person. However, the potential risk and costs involved with taking on the repairs yourself can far outweigh the risk and costs of allowing a professional to properly handle the cleanup. There are too many factors involved and complications that can arise when dealing with water damage and trusting in the professionals for the water damage restoration process can ensure your peace of mind that your property is restored to optimal conditions and you can return back to normal. Fresno Craftsman will not only work with insurance companies but also walk you through the entire water restoration process so that you are informed of all repairs.

The Cost of Water Restoration

The cost of water mitigation and cleanup services will depend on a variety of factors. Once our trained technicians determine the class and category of water damage, this will help to assess costs. The affected square foot area, how many materials and surfaces need restoring, if there is any mold growth, and how long moisture has been able to sit before beginning the process will all contribute to the cost. The importance of beginning water restoration immediately cannot be stressed enough. The sooner you begin, the better that results will be and possibly the less that costs will be.

Wrangling the Water

If your home or business sustains flood damage, you must act fast because each second that ticks on the clock worsen water damage. Not only can water damage ruin your furniture and structural items, but mold growth can develop within 24 hours to 48 hours of a water damage event, and cause health and safety issues. Walls and other structural materials are especially vulnerable to moisture and will need mitigation immediately in order to preserve as much as possible. Call the local water damage restoration professionals at Fresno Craftsman who will assess the water damage and determine a plan for emergency water damage restoration and water damage repair in your home or office. The first order of business will be water removal, and any standing water will be extracted. Fresno Craftsman will use a combination of portable wet/dry vacuums, submersible pumps, and truck mounted vacuums to begin the water restoration process by removing any standing water or excess water.

Drying the Damage

After your home or office has been cleared of residual water, the water damage restoration specialists at Fresno Craftsman will do thermal testing to assess the full extent of the water damage and any structural damage. Just because things look okay does not mean that they are. As the team begins the water damage repair and water restoration process, they will decide which water damaged furniture and possessions can be kept, and which ones are a total loss. They will also remove items like carpet padding which impede the drying process. Fresno Craftsman professionals use giant air movers and fans to begin the structural drying of your home or office, and they will bring in their industrial dehumidifiers as well.

Restoring Equilibrium

Water restoration companies like Fresno Craftsman know that every water emergency is different, so in order to get your home or office up and running, there are many steps to take after the dehumidifying and drying process. Depending on the scope of the water damage, here are some of the most integral steps that will be taken.

  •     Foam, immersion, or abrasive cleaning techniques
  •     Mold remediation
  •     Spray and wipe cleaning
  •     Sanitation
  •     Preservation of personal property
  •     Disposal of wet and water damaged property
  •     Drywall repair
  •     Carpet cleaning

Though every job is unique, Fresno Craftsman will bring the same professional care and attention to your home and office that they bring to every water damage restoration job.

When it comes to professional water restoration companies, Fresno Craftsman is at the forefront, and if you have the need for any emergency water damage restoration services such as water restoration, water cleanup, water extraction, water mitigation, or water damage repair in your property, look no further for service than these water damage professionals. Not only do our water damage restoration professionals have the tools needed to remove water quickly and dry the structure and furniture in your property, but we also have the experience needed to finish the job quickly and professionally. After the drying stage, you need a water damage restoration company that is well-versed in water mitigation, and Fresno Craftsman has the water damage restoration knowledge you can count on. Water mitigation Fresno will work with your insurance company and ensure you get the results you deserve. Whether testing for mold growth or sanitizing walls, you can be confident that you can return to your property quickly and safely after water damage restoration.

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