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What You Need To Know About Smoke Damage To Your Home

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What You Need To Know About Smoke Damage To Your Home

Homeowners never imagine having a fire in the home but fire departments across the nation report that firefighters respond to a fire around every 24 seconds.

This article will not talk about deaths from fire, as the figures are pretty gruesome, but the plain fact is that having even a minor fire such as a kitchen fire, may cause a lot of damage. So it only makes sense to not only periodically check home outlets, delint the dryer vent, check appliances such as vacuums for frayed wires, keep an eye on home breakers, and don’t overload the sockets. That said, there are things to know about a home fire.

The first thing a homeowner has to know is that even a small fire can cause major structural damage as well as poor air quality. Smoke gets into the crevices of wood furniture, upholstery, hardwood floors, clothing, and bedding.

Since the smoke smell will linger for a long time, within 24 to 48 hours, homeowners need an expert in smoke damage to assess the air quality of the home and then set about first determining the air quality and to do everything possible to make the house inhabitable, and then go about professionally clearing everything required. 

Once the air quality issue is settled, the home may still not be suitable for habitation. Homeowners need a professional handyman to go through the home and check, and then fix any structural damage. If electrical outlets are a problem, then call an electrician to fix the problem.  If there are structural problems, then a handyman is necessary to inspect and then fix structural problems.

Load joints may need replacement in order to make the home safe. Parts of a stairwell may show damage. Walls and ceilings may need repair, or in some cases, complete replacement. However, choose a handyman service carefully. Not only checking references is very important to check, but make sure the handymen have actual, post-fire experience.

Ordinary handymen vastly underestimate the number of problems even a small fire can cause, particularly in three areas, air quality, smoke smell, and structural integrity. And do not forget that water damage, either from sprinklers going off, or water from the fire department can produce extensive damage.

Water Damage Restoration and Fire Damage Restoration Experts

Therefore, it’s vitally important that a homeowner chooses a fire and smoke damage restoration expert like Fresno Craftsman who really knows how to restore a home and make it livable again.

Be wary of so-called experts who will try to bleed a household dry. It’s bad enough for a family to experience a home fire that requires them to relocate and move into a hotel or shelter. It’s a nightmare getting charged double or triple the prevailing rate, or to be told belongings need replacement when not. 

So prepare now, by researching the top one, two, or three fire damage experts before a fire ever hits. And then when it does happen, call the experts at Fresno Craftsman immediately.

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