Water Damage

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water damage fresnoProperty ownership is at an all time high in the Fresno CA area and we want to help you protect your home when you experience a crisis.  Unfortunately tragedies do happen and that is why we stand by around the clock ready to serve you and help clean your home from water related events.  It could have been recent storm, faulty pipes or clogged drain that causes you to be s the morning in need of our services. Our staff is trained and ready skilled in diagnosis the problems and crafting a detailed plan to mitigate your loss and bring your home back to pre loss condition.

Fresno Craftsman and extensive Restoration Services for the Fresno, CA area. We provide homeowners with fast, affordable and effective services for a number of potential issues, ensuring you have the available solution for your situation.  We specialize in multiple areas that deal specifically with water related losses and how to mitigate the loss properly and efficiently. Ensuring your most valuable asset is protecting for years to come.

You never know when a tragedy is going to hit your home.  If you are in the Fresno, CA area and you have any water related emergency don’t hesitate to call us.  Water can cause major damage if not properly mitigation so don’t hesitate if you experience a water related loss.  The Fresno Craftsman is a unique company and we offer many different solution to the emergency you may be facing. With our experience and commitment to customer service you will feel safe and comfortable when dealing with our company.

Many times our clients come home from work, wake up in the morning or come home from being gone to realize a hot water tank has leaked, a recent storm cause flooding or a shower faucet turned faulty.  No matter what the situation we are here to help and you shouldn’t delay in calling.

Leaking Pipes

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